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With Our Sustainable Luxury Concept and Tap into a Rapid Growth Industry

The Allure

of Amoré Wax & Wellness

The allure of Amoré Wax & Wellness isn’t just skin-deep; it’s a lifestyle choice. We offer a fusion of sustainability and indulgence that sets us apart and resonates with the mindful consumers of today. As an Amoré Wax & Wellness franchisee, you’re offering a world of conscious luxury with products and practices that guarantee a guilt-free, glamorous experience!

We’re in the business of beautification and building lasting relationships. Our client-focused approach creates a loyal community and the simplified techniques you’ll master provide the utmost comfort, creating high retention rates. The tremendous following Amoré Wax & Wellness has garnered speaks volumes about our brand’s ability to connect on a profound level.

With Our Emphasis On

Systematic Processes

With our emphasis on systematic processes, you’ll find that our path to prosperity is both empowering and effortless. The streamlined Amoré Wax & Wellness business model is built on respect, for clients, employees, and franchise partners alike. When you invest in Amoré Wax & Wellness, you’re becoming a part of a legacy of achievement and community impact!

The beauty and wellness industry is experiencing explosive expansion with a recent valuation of $21 billion. As a part of Amoré Wax & Wellness family, you’re not just tapping into a profitable business opportunity; you’re shaping the future of an industry on the rise. Take the first step toward transforming tomorrow, today!

Navigating Your Path to

Franchise Ownership

Build a Life of Abundance and

Discover the Amoré Wax & Wellness


In a world where wellness is the ultimate luxury and green living is a way of life, Amoré Wax & Wellness is offering you the chance to be a pioneer. Seize this unparalleled opportunity to write your own success story with us!

Setting the Standard: With two thriving locations, Amoré Wax & Wellness has shown exceptional growth and enthusiastic followings for a legacy of brand achievement and positively impacting lives.

Maximizing Returns: Amoré Wax & Wellness offers an impressive potential ROI with a low startup cost and applicability in diverse markets backed by a profitable model built for success.

Streamlined Excellence: Easily replicable, our system thrives on high levels of service and systematic processes for straightforward operations that lead to remarkable results.

Specialty Differentiation: Amoré Wax & Wellness specialization offers a unique edge with a focus on hair removal that results in customers seeking premier services and predictable revenue streams.

Ongoing Empowerment: Amoré Wax & Wellness offers comprehensive training that empowers you to plug into any market with ease, eliminating complexities and reducing the time required to be profitable.

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We are seeking passionate and motivated individuals to join our brand and share in our vision of elevated and affordable beauty and wellness experiences!

Yes! We offer exclusive territories to all of our franchisees based in a defined area documented as a 50,000 to 100,000 population center and up to a 10 mile radius.

Prospective franchisees should have a minimum of $85,000 in investment funding to account for working capital and start-up costs to get their Amoré Wax & Wellness location off the ground.

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